4 Things First Time Home Buyers Should Consider Before Buying

Home buying has always been an exciting affair. No matter how much the processes get simplified, just the prospect of change makes us all so boisterous. A world of thought goes into buying a home. Being a first time home buyer can be as exciting as it can be happy.

Most probably a second time or a more invested home buyer makes a smarter choice than a first timer. Experience is a fine teacher, Yes it is, yeah.

Here are 4 things a first time home buyer should consider to make a smarter choice:

1. Identification: One might like a supposedly irresistible offer from a builder and actually make an impulsive commitment. However, isn’t clarity always king? Identifying the nature of the offer and how it will actually benefit your interests and WHY the offer is being made makes for immense sense in the long run.

It is to be noted that price may not always guarantee quality of life experience. A 3bhk apartment in Bangalore, an up and coming area might provide a much fulfilling life experience while being substantially cheaper than an apartment in a popular area with much hustle.

2. Shortlisting: Easier said than done. Shortlisting between builders, apartments and localities may require some doing. The first time home buyer may fall for a seemingly lucrative deal; A second time or a more involved home buyer might be careful and ask about the hidden costs, maintenance and surcharges. Question everything.

One may feel deeply for a certain home and not so much for another. What’s a home but a feeling. However some homes have this magic like fine wine, feels better with time.While shortlisting never make the mistake of making price comparisons the sum and substance of it all. Consider neighbourhood, proximity, serenity of the area, the potential return on your investment et al.

3. Builder Background: An easy way to make choices while buying apartments is to check the reputation of the builder. Checking the merit is not much of a task in today’s digital world. You may go through their websites, a peek into their completed projects, the awards and recognition they have, the general perception in public et al. You cannot go wrong here.

4. Finalizing; The actual work starts after choosing from the alternatives you shortlisted. Understand the offer on a more personal level and see if all the terms are acceptable. Post finalizing and arriving at an amount you are liable to pay as EMI, check how the interiors have to be sorted, how and who can access the amenities / clubhouse and try to get an idea about the neighbors in a nutshell.

Once the finalization is done, make arrangements to move in. Try to make this as seamless as possible. Though packers and movers are there for help, ascertain how the apartment expects you to move in. Many apartments have a set of rules to be followed to avoid disturbance to residents.


As much as one could profess about what to do and things to consider, it always comes down to the home buyer’s intuition and discretion to figure out the best choice upon family inputs, convenience and cost effectiveness. Here’s hoping you make it as seamless as possible for yourself and have made the right move at that.

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